Proactively Lazy

Proactively Lazy

Fluent Interfaces for C: Just becausee you can doesn't mean you should

Building a Blog Engine: Fed up with fragile node apps I build a blog engine in a few shell scripts

Rediscovering Make: A high level developer discovering there's some life left in the grandfather of build tools.

Creating a Windows Service: Windows services or so simple to create that no external libraries are necessary.

Background Builds with Vim 8: Build programs in the background with the new asynchronous process support in vim.

Simple Abstractions: How the facade pattern can simplify dependency graphs.

Vim errorformat Demystified: Vim's make command is very poweful and flexible, once you know how to use it.

Strict Typing is More Dynamic: A few examples of the way strict typing can be more flexible than dynamic.

Powershell is a Joke: A look at how powershell handles common softeware building tasks.

PSake-First-Impressions: A quick look at psake, a build tool built on powerhsell

Introducing AAATest: The design considerations I pondered for my new unit testing framework.

Appveyor Impressions: My initial thoughts an appveyor.

8 Biggest Mistakes of Application Architecture: The biggest architectural anti-patterns I come across

ORM vs SQL part 3 - Filtering: Let's see how well sql handles dynamic filtering

ORM vs SQL part 2 - Ordering: Let's see how well sql handles dynamic ordering

ORM vs SQL part 1 - Paging: Compare the effort and results of ORM's and raw sql

Your Checkin Process is Ruining Your Checkin Process: Effective use of source control means no artifical barriers

NServicebus Configuration is a Nightmare: Some frustrations I've run into setting up nService bus

App Harbor - Security and Configuration: Setting up a projecting on app harbor

How to turn away paying customers: Online service that won't let me pay

Code Coverage - Unit vs Integration tests: A quick mathematical look at how to obtain the most coverage

Practical MSBuild - Avoiding Spaghetti Builds:

Practical MSBuild - Database Migrations: Some simple ways to handle database migrations

Practical MSBuild - Flexible Configuration: How to create a flexible build system in msbuild